More than $20 billion dollars worth of destruction was the result of the most damaging earthquake in China since 1950, unearthing the realization that the nation’s insurance industry is years behind those of the world's biggest economies.

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Term insurance gives you a chance to live a better life by keeping aside the uncertainties and risks. It is a perfect alternative to have in life if you wish to receive coverage over payments at a fixed rate.

You will need a lump sum to take care of the immediate costs arising from the death of your spouse but you should give serious thought to taking the bulk of the proceeds in the form of an income. If you are uncertain how to do this it is recommended that you use the "interest income" option until you have a chance to really think about what you want to do. The life insurance company will pay you the interest in whatever manner you choose. Your principal will remain in tact.

Rates – Make sure to review your rate quoted for coverage and how long the rate is guaranteed to remain level – the same, throughout the term or duration of your life insurance policy.

Well, Virginia life insurance is not like any other insurance in a sense that it is not you who is covered or compensated in case unfortunate event happens. With this kind of insurance, it is your family who are benefited as the insurance can continually provide your dependents with income as a replacement of yours. Aside from that, the insurance, depending on the provisions or terms included in the policy, may also provide health care, emergency, or legal fund as long as it can be covered by the premium.