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You also need to prove that you are the person mentioned as primary beneficiary on the policy. A copy of your birth certificate as well as your marriage certificate will be of great help.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance – Offers people a guaranteed amount of insurance protection without any health exam or questions, usually. The amount of coverage is limited and the rates are high compared to standard policies. These plans may be a good option for people who have been tuned down for life insurance from other insurers due to poor health, their age, weight, diabetes, etc.

Purchasing Virginia life insurance can be quite simple as there are many reputable companies that are willing to offer you with great services. However, there are still a few things that you need to remember. For one, you must be careful in choosing which company to patronize. It will be best to read customer reviews first before making the decision just so you could gauge the company's profile and credibility. At the same time, it really helps to get insurance quotes from different companies as well. This way, you have a basis for choosing as it can provide you with basic information regarding insurance rates, amount of compensation, as well as the extent of coverage that your beneficiaries may receive in case of untimely death.

A big benefit to this type of plan, is because it is written for a relatively low face value, the underwriting process is more lenient. You can buy a final expense life insurance plan as either a whole life policy or a term contract (which typically will expire and be non-renewable after the age of 80). There is no physical, simply a few medical questions that have to be answered. Accordingly, these insurance contracts will either have a waiting period before the death benefit will pay out (typically two years), or will have a graded death benefit payment over several years, until the full death benefit amount is payable. This helps reduce the adverse selection losses where people wait until they are unhealthy before purchasing insurance coverage.